Devotions of Radiance

Friday, September 15, 2006


This is the beginning of what I hope to become a daily devotional where I not only share what I get out of verses from the Lectionary readings in the morning, but also for others to read my thoughts and comment, debate or argue their own interpretations of the verses. The blog will also, or atleast I hope, keep me accountable to doing a lectionary reading every morning and thus make more of an effort to start my day in the early hours of the morning so I make the most out of each day God has given me.

Each morning will follow the lectionary reading for that morning. For Opawians, the lectionary readings can be acquired from the church. I believe the pastorial team use the lectionary for their daily devotions (and perhaps also others). So watch this blog.

Devotions should start Sunday or Monday (I intend to buy my Laptop on Saturday or Sunday afternoon)

Each Devotional will be set out so that the Lectionary reading is given.
This will be followed by the heading: Key Word or Phrase
Which will then followed by the heading:What is it Saying in Context?
the third heading will be:What is God Saying to Us?
And the fourth and final heading:What Am I Saying to God?


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