Devotions of Radiance

Friday, November 24, 2006


Key word(s)
Bible, persecution, wrath of God, Satan, converts.
Trials, Life, love.

saying in context
Lives are changed by God, not us. The word of God brings people to Christ, not the word of man. Christians will face persecution but the persecutors will face the wrath of God. Satan does all he can to bring Christians down, he is active physically and spiritually. It is when people convert to Christ and become more Christlike that brings life, joy and glory to Christians.
It's not always Satan that tempts, sometimes God tests us, for our benefit. As Christians our love overflows to others by our actions.

What is God saying to us
We need to live the life not only preach it. And when we preach it, it's not for our glory, It is God who brings people to Him, not us! Live through trials and attacks, it will make you stronger!

What am I saying to God
Help me to get through struggles in life, Lord. Help me to speak your name by my mouth AND my actions!

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